Open Day Event List for 2018


Here is our current running order for the 2018 Season.  Please be aware, however, that for operational reasons and other issues outwith our control (such as the weather!) all dates and events may be subject to change at short notice.  We always work our very hardest to ensure minimal disruption to our plans.


1 April 2018 –  Easter Special Event

29 April 2018 – Normal Open Day*

27 May 2018 – Normal Open Day

24 June 2018 – Leven Rally Special Event

29 July 2018 – Normal Open Day

26 August 2018 – TBC Summer Festival Special Event

9 September 2018 – TBC “Doors Open Day” in Fife

30 September 2018 – Normal Open Day

28 October 2018 – Halloween Special Event

9 December 2018 – Santa Express Special Event


*Normal Open Day means ticketed passenger rides on the operational rolling stock of that particular day, free access to the Colin Munro Engine Shed and all areas deemed safe for the public, and of course free access to spectate any projects being worked on that day.