Norwegian Coach

The Norwegian Coach


The Norwegian Coach

It was built at Strømmens Værksted and finished in Teak originally, As far as we know its first alteration took place after succumbing to an air raid in Dombås. How much damage was done is unknown but along with the coach damage, 5 local men were killed.
Historically more important was another casualty – Captain Robert M Losey an air attache from America was observing the raid and was killed when shrapnel from the explosion penetrated his heart. He is recorded as the first American serviceman killed during WW2.                                                                                                                                     
The coach was rebuilt the following year and continued to run until 1983. It was then acquired by SRPS at Bo’ness. It is wider than British stock and would foul the platform and footbridge at Bo’ness and was therefore restricted to the yard.

The Brakevan was bought by KFRPS (Fife Heritage Railway) in August 2014 it was transported to Kirkland Yard.  Sponsors for the proposed 30 seats were sought at £100 per seat. This package was successful in funding the renovation of the brakevan to a 30 seater passenger coach!
The coach eventually went into the workshop for the body modifications to take place in Febrauary 2016.

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